Felicia Bleu Rose
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Costume Illustrations
I have always been an artist. For me, Art is life. This love of art eventually transcended to the art of clothing people. Growing up with an Opera-singing Mother, the theater has always been my home away from home. Designing Costumes for the stage fills me with passion and inspiration at every turn. I have found that even in the frantic moments before a show and the times when the wardrobe may malfunction, my heart is filled with exuberance, not fear.

A main source of inspiration for my work comes from a combination of the characters within a script and the actor’s portrayal. Instead of focusing on the garment itself, I strive to make the clothing an extension of the character. The ways an actor moves, says their lines and presents their situation are all integral to the performance; clothing must reflect all of these elements.

There are countless pearls of inspiration in the world; one has only to keep their eyes open to see them. One such pearl is the Avante Garde fashion world. The unconventional clothing and aesthetic styling is mesmerizing for me and I try to emulate the power of the designs in my work. I also draw greatly from two dimensional art, my favorites being Alphonse Mucha, James Jean, and Rick Griffin. Although passion can flare up in my soul at any hint of creativity, studying the works of the masters, such as Eiko Ishioka, lends a certain structure to my thinking. Being a cautious person, I take great care to research when it is appropriate for my pieces and put a great deal of thought into each design.

My work often teases with the delicate balance of structure and flexibility of design. Each piece has something to say, depending on the mood, character, and fabrics. I accomplish these looks by mixing a variety of crafts, though no matter how much I learn I always want to learn more. I am constantly striving to master new techniques, which are tucked away to be called on and used throughout my life. This is why I have pursued historical costumes as well as fashion design; tailored clothing as well as dance oriented textiles. I have furiously studied corsetry, leatherworking, chain mail construction, and pattern making, among other practices, in order to elicit their secrets.