Felicia Bleu Rose
Herbal Rodger the Lion with Lavender and Flaxseed
Rodger is a mischievous and scrappy little guy. He loves to curl up with a good neck and watch the playful antics of those around him.

This version of Rodger is completely handmade from anti-pill fleece and fake fur. He has an inner removable pillow which is filled with a combination of flax seed, cinnamon, and orange oil for that delicious scent. Put pillow in the microwave for a few short minutes and place him on your tired shoulders. He will stay warm for 30 - 45 minutes while emitting the gentle, soothing fragrance of cinnamon and orange. As shown in the picture, the pillow is just full enough to move freely and change shape for your comfort. His inner herbal pillow can be removed through a paneled velcro opening for easy cleaning. This opening is on the underside, to avoid snagging hair.
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