Felicia Bleu Rose
"Deity Skin" Costume for Sacrament
Designer: Angi Ursetta
Thirteen similar costumes were created for the dance film "Sacrament" by Natalie Metzger. (Dir. Rich Ragsdale) Mind-numb cultists worship a clustered, pulsing deity that hangs from the ceiling. In their world the deity is everything, and so they wear layers of its skin as clothing.
To create a foreign looking organic tissue, cheesecloth was dyed and draped in asymmetrical, ripped shapes. It was then treated with a mixture of adhesives and liquid latex to give it the right hang and look. Since this piece was a dance, undergarments were a necessity for support and modesty. Layers of the "skin" were added in ways that obscured the outline of any structural garment.
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