Felicia Bleu Rose
Kate Keller "All My Sons"
"All My Sons," written in 1947 by Arthur Miller, explores the relationship between two families at the end of World War II. The fathers of both families worked at a parts factory until a faulty shipment put one father in jail. Joe Keller, the father who did not go to jail, and Kate Keller, his wife, have just welcomed home one of their sons from the war. Their other son, Larry, is long since presumed dead, though Kate still believes that he is just missing. Ann Deever, the daughter of the factory foreman who was sent to jail, comes to visit. She had been in love with Larry, but in his wake fell in love with the other Keller son, Chris. Layers of guilt and lies are slowly revealed throughout the play, culminating in a painful realization that had been floating just beneath the surface of everyone's conscious.
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